Flicker set uploader

I personally love taking pictures and now I am learning photography (thanks to the persistent urging from my lovely wife). I usually manage the photos on my hard drive with specific folders and then upload them to Flickr. However when I was using the original Flickr Uploadr , it always annoyed me that it takes a long time to cache all the photos into memory for preview. Therefore, I developed this simple tool, Flickr Set Uploader. It automatically creates a set on flickr according to the folder name, and upload the the pictures in that folder.

Description on Flickr: A simple program that allows you to quickly upload the photos from hard disk and automatically creates sets according to the folders in your hard drive. An easy tool for transferring the photos from well managed hard drive to the online version. The tool is particularly useful for large folders since it saves preview time of the original Flickr Uploader.

To use it, please read and agree the following terms/steps. Note that this is just a personal tool for uploading photos. I am not responsible for any loss/damage caused by this application:

0. Requirement: Windows platform. .Net framework 4.0. Many thanks to FlickrNet , which this little program is built on.

1. Authorize the application during the first time running by clicking the "Authentication" butten, going to the website to authorize the app, and then clicking "Save Auth" button

2. Click "Select" button to select a folder to upload. All the images, including the sub folders, will be included for uploading

3. The images will be then uploading. You can continue to select folders and then upload. All the tasks will be saved in the "Existing taks" comboBox and can be retrieved at any time.

4. If you close the application and re-open it, it will always continue uploading the previous unfinished sets unless you cancel the task.

I have tested for a while. Note that it is now in beta version. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send me an e-mail at thinker711----remove this including the dash line----@sina.com.

download: version beta 2.0

Future to-do list

3. Allow only single instance running

2. Minimize the application to the notification area

1.Pop notification once finishing uploading a set